The Jesse James Sims Project

Jesse James Sims - The Best Philly Songwriter You Never Heard

Jesse James Sims was a Philly songwriter in the mid-to-late 1950's and early 1960's. He wrote together often with Kelly Tuff, and the two sold many songs to publishers in both Philadelphia and New York. Many of the songs were recorded, many were not.

Jesse was the father of Sandbox artist Tim Sims, and Tim had possession of many of the original acetate pressings as well as typed and handwritten chord and lyric sheets and many publishing contracts. Payments ranged from $10 to $100 dollars, which was considered a pretty good rate during those days. Also included were many lyric sheets that, as best we can tell, never were put to music, or if they were, were not recorded. The songs were of incredible quality, and we decided to published and re-issue the songs in a new compilation.

Coming in 2019 is a new anthology that will include the remastered original records, new recordings of the songs from Tim Sims, and contributions from other Philadelphia-area artists who will set Jesse's lyrics to new music.

The Jesse James Sims Project, fronted by Tim Sims, will also be appearing this December at Enabling Peace On Earth LIVE!

Jesse represented the thriving rock & roll scene in Philadelphia during the early days of rock and roll. His music is indicitive of the originality and style that defined Philly music.

Discover the best Philadelphia songwriter you've never heard.